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GN Solids Control UK

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Tel:+44 (0) 1580 857151

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Sales & Administration:

Innovation Centre, Medway, Kent, ME5 9FD, United Kingdom

+44 (0)1580 857151


Technical and Logistics:

Waters End Farm, Standen Street, Iden Green, Kent, TN17 4LA, United Kingdom

+44 (0)1580 848110


GN Solids Control UK are able to review and supply leasing solutions to business customers across the entire range of solids control equipment.

- Shaker Leasing

- Desander and Desilter Leasing

- Degasser Leasing

- Mud Agitator and Mud Gun Leasing

- Mud Tank Leasing

- Conveyor and Centrifuge Leasing

- Total Waste Management configuration Leasing

Contact our UK team to discuss your requirements

Why Choose GN Solids Control UK?

  • GN Solids Control UK is first and biggest UK based Solids Control Company from China.
  • GN Solids Control is the first API certified company in China.
  • GN Solids Control owns over 15 patents for the product, with sales to over 60 countries in the world.

What Solids Control Equipment are GN Solids Control UK able to lease?

How to lease GN Solids Control Equipment?

  • Call us on +44 (0)1580 857151/+44 (0)7565 948686 or Email us at: mike@gnsolidseuropeThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to tell us what you need.
  • We will confirm whether you would qualify and typical terms and monthly costs. 
  • Sign the lease agreement and make first month lease payment.
  • Deliver the solids control equipment to your facility or site.
  • Depending on your requirements, GN can provide engineers for helping to do the commissioning or training.


Rental a Shale Shaker

GN offer primary solids control shale shaker and high G force drying shaker with competitive price API standard shaker screen.

High G force, High capacity.

Shale Shaker Parameter

Model GNZS594E-HB Vibration Mode Linear Motion
Recommend Capacity 140m3/h(616GPM) Vibration Motor 2×1.72Kw
Screen Qty 4pcs Screen Size: L×W 585×1165mm
Adjustable G Force ≤7.5G Vibration Amplitude 4.14~5.96mm
Deck Angle Range -1°~+5° (Angle Adjustment While Working) EX Standard ExdIIBt4 / IEC EX/ ATEX
Weight (Kg) 1722 Dimension: L×W×H(mm) 2937×2058×1428

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Rental a Mud Cleaner

GN desilter and desilter and shaker combination unit is available with 500GPM/1000GPM/1500GPM for rental.

Mud Cleaner Parameter

 Model  GNZJ703E-D1S8N GNZJ703E-2S12N  GNZJ594E-2S12N GNZJ703E-3S16N  GNZJ594E-3S16N
Capacity 120m3/h(528GPM) 240m3/h(1056GPM) 360m3/h(1584GPM)
Desander Size 10 Inch
Desander Qty 1pcs 2pcs 3pcs
Desilter Size 4 Inch
Desilter Qty 8pcs 12pcs 16pcs
Working Pressure 0.25~0.4Mpa
Feeding Size 6 Inch
Output Size 8 Inch
Bottom Shale Shaker Specs
Shaker Model GNZS703E GNZS594E GNZS703E  GNZS594E
Screen Qty 3pcs 4pcs 3pcs 4pcs 
Screen Size 700×1250mm 585×1165mm 700×1250mm  585×1165mm
Adjust G Force  ≤7.5G
Deck Angle Range  -1°~+5° (Eletric & Mechanical)
EX Standard  ExdIIBt4 / IEC EX/ ATEX
Weight(Kg) 2071 2296 2343 2393  2440
Dimension(mm) 2419×2113×1848 2419×2113×2147 2639×2113×2147 2419×2113×2147 2639×2113×2147

Rental a Decanter Centrifuge

Include bowl size of 9inch/14inch/18inch/22inch with different speed for different application to treat drilling mud. GN offer fixed speed centrifuge and VFD decanter centrifuge.

Decanter Centrifuge Parameter

Bowl Diameter 360mm(14inch) 450mm(18inch) 550mm(22inch)
Bowl Length 1271mm(50inch) 1540mm(61inch) 1800mm(71inch)
Max. Capacity 200GPM(45m3/h) 352GPM(80m3/h) 484GPM(110M3/h)
Effective Capacity 132GPM(30m3/h) 264GPM(60m3/h) 400GPM(90m3/h)
Max Bowl Speed 3900RPM3900RPM 3200RPM 3000PRM
Typical Bowl
3200RPM 0~3200RPM 0~2800RPM 0~2500RPM
Max G-Force 3063 2578 2719
Typical G-Force 2062
0~2062 0~1973 
EX Standard ExdIIBt4 / IEC EX/ ATEX
Electric Carbinet Exd Standard PLC+Positive Presurized
Weight 3500KG 3400KG 4580KG 5840KG
3305x1638x1277mm 3305x1638x1277mm 3824x1798x1317 4293x1978x1381

Rental a Vertical Cuttings Dryer

GN Solids Control is the only one manufacturer who proved the vertical cuttings dryer for both OBM and WBM drilling cuttings drying treatment.

Vertical Cuttings Dryer Parameter

Capacity  20-40 Tons/H 30~50 Tons/H
Drying Efficiency  OOC ≤ 5%
Screen Max Diameter  730mm 930mm
Screen Opening  0.25/0.35/0.5mm
Rotation Speed  1200/1500RPM 0-1200RPM/0-1500RPM 900RPM/1200RPM 0~900RPM/0-1200RPM
G Force 588 or  918 G 420 or 750 G
 Air Knife Input Capacity  1.4m³/m 1.8m³/m
Main Motor  37Kw 55Kw (75HP)
Ex Standard  ExdIIBt4 / IEC EX/ ATEX
Electric Cabinet  Exd Positive Pressurized Exd Positive Pressurized
Weight  3200Kg 3016Kg 4600Kg 4400Kg
Dimension  2265x1518x1310mm 2640×1810×1650mm

Rental a Vacuum Degasser

GN Solids Control vacuum degasser is designed for self suction without feeding pump to save cost and easy for installation.

Vacuum Degasser Parameter


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