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Innovation Centre, Medway, Kent, ME5 9FD, United Kingdom

+44 (0)1580 857151


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Waters End Farm, Standen Street, Iden Green, Kent, TN17 4LA, United Kingdom

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Although the oil price is still running at a low level and the global oil and gas equipment manufacturing market is pretty slow, GN Solids Control just succeed to provide one whole set solids control and recycling mud system

With many years’ experience in supporting various drilling rigs, excellent R & D and manufacturing capabilities, high-quality product quality, international market visibility and other advantages, GN Solids Control is well known and get customer’s recognition and always their first choice. After one month’s hard work, GN Solids Control just finished the designing and manufacturing of one 1500HP rig mud system which meets customer’s strict demands and now this whole system is ready for shipment.

This set of solid control mud treating and recycling system is designed as one set of standardized 1500HP mud cleaning cycle system, it includes the following main part:  nine mud storage and mixng tanks, two water tanks and one oil tank as well as other auxiliary equipment. The total volume reaches to 580 cubic meters, while the maximum processing capacity is 240m ³ / H.

On the top of these tanks, there are some solids control equipment fixed on it: 3 sets of drilling fluid treating shale shakers, 1 desander, 1 drilling fluid desilter, 1 vacuum degasser and a high-speed variable frequency decanter centrifuge. This entire system process design and manufactured to meet processing demands and standard of "sieving – degassing – desanding – desludging - centrifuging". Whole mud system is equipped with mud shear, mixing, aggravating, and wellhead recharging as well as other equipment to meet the needs of the drilling operation, with the five-stage solid-phase control of the drilling fluid.

GN Solids Control also provides a cuttings dryer for solids control system disposal of cuttings. GN Solid Control is the first successful manufacturer who develops cuttings dryer, and successfully exported to the international market of Chinese manufacturers in the international market. 


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