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Innovation Centre, Medway, Kent, ME5 9FD, United Kingdom

+44 (0)1580 857151


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Waters End Farm, Standen Street, Iden Green, Kent, TN17 4LA, United Kingdom

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GN Solids Control manufactures various mud systems to meet the demands of different slurry treatment. GN Solids Control provides turnkey solutions for whole mud systems. These years, GN mud systems are largely used in HDD, CBM, TBM area etc.

Recently, GN Solids Control receives many inquiries on 1000 GPM mud system. We have provided thousands of mud systems to our customers before: some of the systems are compact mud systems which take little working room while some of the systems are treating mud systems with storage and mixing tank. 

Take GNMS-1000D as an example, this is an economic mud system for slurry treating. There is two large 10 inch desander cyclones mounted on the top of double deck shaker. Generally speaking, a submersible pump is used as the feeding pump to the shaker. Customers usually have mud pits on the worksite for storage the drilling fluids temporarily. \

The submersible pump is used to feed the drilling fluids into the bottom deck shaker, which is the first phase separation. After treated by the shaker, drilling fluids pass through the bottom screen fall into a mud tank with sloped walls, which are particularly designed and manufactured to help the slurry fall off to the bottom and can be cleaned easily when you open the sand gate. 

A centrifugal pump is also fixed on the skid of the mud tank, it is used to feed the tank fluid into those 2 sets 10 inch cyclones. Here the desander cyclone help to separate the solids large than 55 microns. And the top deck shaker screen is used to separate the effluent discharged from cyclones. 

GN Solids Control also manufactures high configuration 1000 GPM mud system. A storage tank or mixing tank equipped with mud agitators and mud hopper is used to add some chemicals and make new clean drilling fluids.


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