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GN Solids Control UK

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Address: Waters End, Standen Street, Iden Green, Cranbrook, Kent. TN17 4LA . UK.

Drill Cuttings Management Modular Unit

To meet the demands for fast removal and quick assembly within a cost effective budget, the GN engineers have redesigned the solids control and drilling waste management systems into modular units.
  • Description

    GN Solids Control is a leading design and manufacturing company providing turnkey solutions for drill cuttings management systems for global clients.

    To meet the demands for fast removal and quick assembly within a cost effective budget, the GN engineers have redesigned the solids control and drilling waste management systems into modular units..

    1. GN Cuttings Dryer Unit

    Cuttings Dryer Unit

    GN Cuttings Dryer is fixed on a telescopic skid, the working height can be adjusted when the dryer is working or being transported. VFD control cabinet and flushing pump can be located on the skid. One lifting crane can be mounted on the skid for easy repair and maintenance. Walkway and guardrails are also assembled on the skid for convenient and safe operation.


    2. GN Hi-G Shaker Unit

    High G Drying Shaker Unit

    GN Drying Shaker is especially used to treat WBM. One set of GNZS594HGE-LD shaker is mounted on the top of a tapered mud tank. Drill cuttings separated by primary shakers can be transferred to the GN High-G shaker by a screw conveyor. The cuttings discharged by drying shaker can be feed into a GN centrifuge for further separation.


    3. GN Decanter Centrifuge Unit

    Decanter Centrifuge Telescopic Skid

    The structure of GN Decanter Centrifuge Unit is pretty the same as GN Cuttings Dryer Unit, it’s also fixed on one telescopic skid. One positive displacement pump and one variable speed control cabinet (optional) can be also fixed on the skid.


    4. GN Solidification Unit

    GN Solidification or Stabilization Unit is mainly used to treat the cuttings from desander, desilter, cuttings dryer or decanter centrifuge. All these cuttings are collected in the large hopper of the GN solidification unit. By adding different chemicals and cements, the cuttings can be changed into solids which is very easy for transport and move.


    5. GN Cuttings Transfer Unit

    Drilling Cuttings Transfer Unit

    Drilling waste transfer unit is composed of a conical drill waste receiving hopper and a drill waste transfer pump and electric control system. The unit can receive the drilling waste picked up by screw conveyer from the solid control equipment of the rig. The drill cuttings transfer pump is driven by electric motor to create vacuum to suck drilling waste from the hopper bottom outlet and feed to high G drying shaker or vertical cuttings dryer. The pump is self-suction pump, and specially used for conveying high - viscosity, high - solid content medium. More over the advantage of pump also include no seal structure, and high output pressure.


    6. GN Intermediary Mud Transfer Unit

    Mud Intermediary Transfer Unit

    This mud unit includes cylindrical tank, submersible pump, mud agitator and control cabinet. GN mud agitator keeps the inner mud (which usually comes from Hi-G shaker) from sedimentation, and GN submersible pump helps to pump the fluid into GN decanter centrifuge.


    7. GN Catching Tank Unit

    GN also provides modular catching tank unit to storage and transfer those hazardous waste. Special design to lock the mud tank when transporting keeps the fluid from spill.


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